Monday, May 17, 2010

And Then There Were Two...

Oh, why hello! I didn't see you there sitting at your computer. Let me introduce myself. My name is Kelsey and I am Part One of the Diabolical Duo. You are probably asking yourself "Who is this duo and why are they so hot?! This is a very valid question that I will be answering... when the time comes.

The time has come.
You are probably aware of the earthquake that occured in Haiti a few months ago (if you are not, you have now emerged from your rock and your eyes have now been opened to the situation). Our school, which for the sake of privacy issues I have decided to name Hogwarts, started a project in which we collect money for the earthquake victims. The plan was that all students would collect paper money to put in their Money Buckets, and that all metal money (dimes, quarters, etc.) would contribute to the "bombing" of other classrooms and that the amount of "bomb" money each room had would be subtracted form their total of paper money. Whichever class had the greatest amount of paper money by the end of the contest would win an ice cream party. Now, my friend Sarah (Part Two of the duo) and I were merely freshmen at Hogwarts and we decided to get involved. So what did we do? We asked our friend Rachel (whom we also refer to as Ravenclaw), for her bag or quarters and dimes. Which class did we plan to bomb? The Seniors, of course. They think that they are so high and mighty! Let me tell you something, just because you are old and wrinkly and tall and smarter than me does not mean that you are better than me! Ahem. After school, Sarah and I decided to sneak into a senior homeroom and bomb their money bucket with $30 dollars worth of quarters and dimes. Our target homeroom: Mista Naughty. Our theology teacher. (Again, for privacy's sake, we had to change her name. But if you say it fast enough, you can tell who it is...) We snuck into Mista Naughty's homeroom like ninjas and began to scour the room. Finally after a few minutes of searching we found the box hidden in plain sight! Only a true villain would hide a box in plain sight! Oh, the dispair! We ran to the now obvious box and began emptying the Bag O' Cash into it. The coins made a satisfying noise when they entered the box. As we began to leave, a thought crossed my mind: "Such deviousness as this needs to be recognized by the world!". I ran over to Mista Naughty's desk and grabbed a sticky note. I quickly scrawled "You have been bombed by KELSEY AND SARAH." and stuck the note on the box. We then fled the scene of the crime whilst laughing like psychopaths. Devious psychopaths. The next day in scripture class Mista Naughty entered the room with an amused smile on her face. We knew that she had gotten our note... Either that, or that chili that she had eaten at lunch had not agreed with her system. She went to the front of the class and announced "I came into class this morning to see that my box had been filled to the top with change! The diabolical duo that did this was...Kelsey and Sarah!" After a lovely bit of laughter and appluase, the Diabolical Duo was born.
So that's basically it. The next post will be from my cohort: Sarah.

I hope you have enjoyed your time with Part One of the Diabolical Duo.