Monday, April 25, 2011

Copying Micaela. Sorry!

So, I logged on to blogspot this morning to read some of my friends' blog posts (they are truly brilliant). Then I saw one that my friend Micaela had posted about gay rights and whatnot. The title drew me in. I started reading and I was very moved. So, I hope that you don't mind, Micaela, but I am going to do a mini-post about the same thing.
I have some close family members and friends who are homosexual. I also have a few close family members who are. I'm not going to trash the people who make fun and condemn homosexual people because they are ignorant. Truly, undeniably ignorant. Now, does that mean that I support their views? Oh, hell no. I strongly disagree with "gay-bashers" and all people of the sort. I believe that the Catholic Church has a lot of things going for it. There are a lot of good teachings in there. However, one of the things I strongly disagree with is it's stand on homosexuals. The Church acknowledges that people are born gay and that they do not freely choose to become so. I like that teaching because I agree with it. However, they go on to say that homosexuals can't have sex. Why? Because they can't get married. Why? Because marriage is supposed to be some sacred bond formed between two people who love each other. The two reasons for marriage are this: sharing love and baby-making. Now, the Catholic Church says that two people get married to have children. But, what about women who are barren and can't have children? The Church allows them to get married. So, as we see here, their marriage would be solely out of love. What I don't understand is why the Church would let someone who can't have children get married, but it refuses to let homosexuals get married. They can't have children either, but that doesn't mean they don't love each other just as much. Furthermore, the Church goes on to say that homosexual sex is a mortal sin. The establishment that tells us to love until it hurts is telling us that you will go to hell for loving someone of the same gender? I just think that's wrong. Who knows, maybe the Catholic Church is right, but I just don't understand how.
Basically, I think the Church should stay out of peoples' bedrooms. (My haircut lady said that. I thought it was cool. She's a cool chick.)
So, I basically talked about the religious views in this post. Micaela covered more about society's view on homosexuals. She and I hold basically the same views, so if you want to (I highly suggest), you should go read her blog. It's excellent. *click on the hyperlink below!*

Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tiny posts maybe?

Yes. I haven't posted on here in a while. Okay, well, I did, but then I deleted the last post because it made me feel silly (and not in the good way). Anyhow, I haven't been blogging because I always feel like I should only blog if the topic at hand can be talked about a whole lot. Since I am a scatter-brained person, I have a hard time staying on topic, so I can't talk about things for a long time. Now you see my dilemma. So, now I have decided only typing tiny posts because I can handle those. Think of them as bite-sized candy bars. With nuts because I'm a little crazy sometimes. That pun sounded way better in my head. Heh. That happens a lot. I really like puns. And Ugly Betty. I've been watching Ugly Betty all day instead of doing my research paper. I should be the president of the procrastiNATION! Heh, get it? Like a nation has a president and procrastination has the word Yeah. Puns. I don't have anything else to talk about and it bugs me. OH, WELL!