Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meh meh meh

I was watching this show called The Gates earlier. It started off decently. Then right as there was about the be a steamy, passionate makeout scene, the lady reared her head and sunk her fangs into the dude's neck... At this point, I threw my hands into the air in exasperation. Yet another vampire show.
I blame Stephanie Meyer. She ruined vampires are werewolfs for me. Don't get me wrong, when Twilight first came out, I was a huge fan (I don't really like them any more, though). I used to love all of those tacky horror movies with vampires and whatnot. But recently, they have been running rampant! I walked into Barnes and Noble the other day and meandered over to the Teen section to find a book to read before the movie we were about to see (yeah, I read during the previews sometimes, sue me). To my shock, there were (are you ready?) 4 rows of a genre called "Teen Paranormal Romance"... 4 out of 6 rows. That left me with 2 rows of books that I was in the mood for. Sigh. I ended up getting one called Falling In Love With English Boys... No regrets. Anyway, I'm not slamming Stephanie Meyer or anything, I'm just saying that this whole obsession with vampires and stuff has gotten a bit out of control.
Oh, also, I'm thinking about not blogging on this one any more because no one really reads it. I do have another blog, though, with one of my friends where we talk about Broadway and stuff. It's pretty cool. --> We also have a tumblr under the same name. Alright, arivaderci!


  1. Awww no more blogging here?? I read it! I'm just super slow at commenting....
    I like some vampire/paranormal romance books. Like some people would consider the Mortal Instruments series paranormal romance.... I like it, if that's the case.
    I like it when they sort books by teen series, teen romance, teen tv shows, teen new, and teen not series (I forget the name but there's a separate section for that).

  2. I like certain books in the genre, but I don't like the genre as a whole because a lot of the stories are really similar.
    And I like when they separate everything, but not when Teen Paranormal Romance conquers over all of the other stuffs.